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Sage 300 ERP (AccPac): Project Analysis Using PowerPivot

Posted by Tony Zhang on Wed, Jan 08, 2014

This blog is a continuation on the Sage 300 ERP business intelligence journey using PowerPivot. I will focus on the project analysis in this blog.

If you use Sage 300 ERP Project and Job Costing module, then you might like a report like this:

PowerPivot Project Analysis Report using Sage 300 ERP data

The report replicates the Sage 300 ERP Contract Summary report, with additional information like PM Cost Left to Spend while providing the flexibility and performance improvements brought by using Excel PowerPivot. For example, this report allows you to select projects that are not consecutive by holding the CTRL key and click the projects you like from the “Project” slicer circled above, which is impossible when using the standard report as show below:

Sage 300 ERP Contract Summary Report

I highlighted the numbers in the Excel report above and the Crystal report below to show they are the same.

Sage 300 ERP Contract Summary - Crystal Reports

Sage 300 ERP Contract Summary Totals - Crystal Reports

The next report is meant to analyze the project cost. Notice that both original cost and current cost estimates are presented together with the actual cost – a more comprehensive analysis comparing with the “Detailed Costs” as show in the following screenshots, where only one of them is presented in the report.

Sage 300 ERP - Project Cost Report using PowerPivot

Sage 300 ERP: Detailed Costs Report

Again, I highlighted the numbers in the Excel report above and the Crystal report below to show they are the same.

ProjectAnalysis7 resized 600

The last example is the standard “Transaction History” report and the PowerPivot version of it. Again, the point here is the flexibility and the performance gain from using PowerPivot.

ProjectAnalysis8 resized 600

ProjectAnalysis9 resized 600

Sage 300 ERP: Transaction History Report Using PowerPivot

I hope this blog is helpful as you continue to understand PowerPivot’s position and the level of professional services we provide here at BTerrell Group. Feel free to view the report in static form here to grasp the look and feel. Please “Scroll to the first sheet” to see those three reports.

ProjectAnalysis11 resized 600


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