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Accpac Co-Founder, Don Thomson, Speaks up About Accpac Speed

Posted by Chuck Reeves on Thu, Nov 05, 2009

Don Thomson is one of the co-founders of Sage Accpac ERP. His insightful blog is where the following passage comes from:

“Today’s press releases, such as ‘MySpace dumps server hard disks for flash drives’ may not seem to have any relationship with Accpac. It does. If you follow certain lines of reasoning, flash drives could mean massively faster performance characteristics for Accpac.

Use of solid state technology (flash drives) is another example of a sea-change in the software industry being driven by iPod users’ insatiable demand for more storage. The personal computer (IT) industry no longer drives storage technology. It is all about iPods capable of storing more music and more movies – using solid state (flash drive) technology.” Read More…

- Brian Terrell, CPA and Managing Partner

Source: Thomson, Don. “Faster Accpac Performance.” October 20, 2009. <>

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