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All Your Eggs in One Phone

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Sep 10, 2009

Cash, credit, check, or phone? This may be what the cashier will ask you at your local grocery store in the near future as you make your purchase.

Today, in the  year 2009, it seems like our cell phones are becoming more and more vital to our every day activities. Aside from the regular phone features of making calls and sending text messages, many of us now carry smartphones that provide benefits our old electronics used to give us - music, the Internet, camera, GPS, etc. But did you know that cell phones can be used as credit cards, keys, subway turnstile cards, and even as your ID? There would no longer be a reason to carry around a wallet or even your car keys!

Of course, there are always issues of security. Will someone discover a way to hack into smartphones and steal our identities? Would someone who steals a cell phone be able to access personal information? These dangers could be counteracted by enabling fingerprint and retina scanning identification on these phones in order to access private information such as credit card data and driver's license information.

Some of us have already disposed of our old digital cameras and mp3 players because our phones have now taken over those functions...why not also get rid of keys, wallets, and plastic cards while we're at it? Is this putting TOO many eggs in one basket? Only the future will tell.

- Ruba Ayyat, Marketing

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