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The Importance of Interns

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Sep 24, 2009

Many firms hire interns because they are a less expensive substitute for employees. However, there are other important monetary AND non-monetary reasons why you should have interns in your office.

Interns can do the work that does not really fall under any one specific employee's job description - a free-for-all category that includes the new unassigned tasks and projects. You can have them work under one person or help out an entire department.

Your interns can do the repetitive tasks you may find mundane, but which they find to be informative and valuable as they are learning new things. This experience enables your interns to learn more about the underlying details of how your company is run and grasp a wider perspective of your business as a whole.

Although not required, many firms eventually end up hiring their interns as full-time employees. The obvious advantage here is that you don't have to spend the resources looking for and training a new employee when it comes time to hire for an actual position that needs to be filled.

Another thing to think about is the time and money already invested in your interns - you would not want them to take what they have learned from your firm and apply it at your nearest competitors' business!

So take advantage of the knowledge you have supplied your interns - you may find that your interns are transforming into valuable and committed future assets for your firm. 

- Ruba Ayyat, Marketing