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Six Categories of PCI Compliance That You Need to Know

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Jun 01, 2010

There are 12 requirements that fall into six categories:

  1. Build and Maintain a Secure Network: Install and maintain a firewall and use unique, high-security, passwords with special care to replace default passwords.
  2. Protect Cardholder Data: Whenever possible, cardholder data must not be stored. You must also encrypt any data passed across public networks, including your shopping cart and Web-hosting providers.
  3. Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program: Use anti-virus and keep it up date. Develop and maintain secure operating systems and payment applications. Ensure the applications you use are compliant (see
  4. Implement Strong Access Control Measures: Access to cardholder data - both electronic and physical - should be on a "need-to-know" basis. Ensure those people with access have a unique ID and password. Do not share logon information.
  5. Regularly Monitor and Test Networks: Track and monitor all access to networks and cardholder data. Ensure you have a regular testing schedule for security systems and processes including firewalls, patches and anti-virus.
  6. Maintain an Information Security Policy: It's critical that your organization has a resource for governing your company's data security. Ensure you have a policy and that it's disseminated and updated regularly.

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- Brian Terrell, CPA and Managing Partner

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