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How ERP Can Translate Information into Business Success - Webinar on June 10th

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Thu, Jun 03, 2010

How do the most agile, responsive and successful businesses become that way? They effectively leverage what is arguably their most critical resource - accurate, complete, consistent, secure and timely information.  This webinar will show you how ERP solutions can help to transform disparate information silos into coherent, integrated and actionable forms that can improve the operational aspect of your organization. You'll also get advice and practical tips for what to look for in an ERP system in the context of your information needs.

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  • Ensure both high information quality and effective presentation of that information to enable better decision making across your organization
  • Manage the distribution of information and the high speed of data transfer in a way that reduces information failures, security risks, and poor decision making
  • Look for the practical features and core functionality that enables an ERP solution to meet your information requirements
  • Extract the maximum value out of today's ERP solutions to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and drive revenue

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