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What’s New in SageCRM v6.2

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Jul 20, 2010

SageCRM version 6.2 delivers a comprehensive range of new capabilities and enhancements that are designed to enrich the SageCRM user and ownership experience significantly. Check out some of the new features below:

Branding Toolkit

  • enables system administrators to create a branding theme based on their corporate colors so that SageCRM matches their brand identity closely
  • end-users can choose which themes they want to display on their interface using the preconfigured themes supplied or a new theme developed by the system administrator.

E-mail Editor and Spell Check

  • enables users to create mass e-mails to customers using enhanced formatting features or by copying HTML code
  • e-mails can be previewed before they are sent to check that formatting appears correctly; ensuring professional-looking communications at all times
  • users can check the spelling of e-mails, in multiple languages if required, before they are sent; ensuring professional tone of communications at all times.
Related Entities
  • enables users to structure and graphically represent complex relationships that exist between entities in their SageCRM installation.
  • sales executives can identify cross-selling opportunities that exist within their customer base.
  • reports can be generated and lists can be created to support cross-selling programs.
Address Linking
  • allows users to manage addresses for companies and people.
  • reduces potential duplicate address entries and minimizes the amount of manual administration required for address maintenance.

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