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Day End Processing and Costing During Posting for Sage ERP Accpac

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Wed, Apr 27, 2011

Sage ERP Accpac Day End Processing is a simple form in IC Periodic Processing. It only has Process and Cancel buttons, and you are expected to run it after the close of business every day. But what does it do? The online help states:

Use this dialog box to:

  • Update costing data for all transactions (unless you chose the option to update costing during posting).
  • Produce general ledger journal entries from the transactions that were posted during the day (unless you do item costing during posting or create GL transactions using the Create GL Batch icon).
  • Produce a posting journal for each type of transaction that was posted.
  • Update Inventory Control statistics and transaction history.

Day End Processing also performs processing tasks for the Order Entry and Purchase Orders modules, if you have them:

  • Processing transactions that were posted during the day in Order Entry and Purchase Orders.
  • Activating and posting future sales orders and purchase orders that have reached their order date, and updating quantities on sales order and on purchase order.
  • Removing quotes and purchase requisitions with expiration dates up to and including the session date for day-end processing.
  • Updating sales commissions.
  • Creating batches of Accounts Receivable summary invoices and credit notes from posted Order Entry transactions.
  • Deleting completed transaction details if you do not keep transaction history.
  • Updating statistics and history in Order Entry and Purchase Orders.

The main purpose of Day End is to move a lot of processing away from data entry. Generally if you have a large Accpac installation, you might have hundreds of people entering Orders, Invoices, POs, etc. They need to get their work done in the most efficient way possible, and a person entering Orders from the CRM system doesn’t want to have to wait for AR and GL transactions to be created every time. What they care about is entering their Orders as quickly as possible. As a side benefit, Day End can batch all the transactions together, so rather than each Order creating a single GL Batch, these can all be combined reducing the number of documents downstream.

In version 5.5A, Sage introduced the feature of “Costing during Posting.” When you post an IC, OE, or PO document utilizing this feature, you can run the Costing part of Day End, but not all the other parts. This doesn't noticeably slow down document posting and doesn’t introduce more multi-user conflicts. Now you can keep your Costing data up-to-date without frequently running Day End. You do still need to run the Day End processing function at night to create all the sub-ledger documents, create audit history, and other miscellaneous functions.

Thanks to Stephen Smith for the great information.

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