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Adding Value to Intacct and Sage End-user Companies through Additional Automation

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

I’m blessed to work with BTerrell Group, a leading Intacct and Sage business partner, as well as a leading software development company through our CodePartners division. The most fun I have is working with other Intacct and Sage business partners, as well as BTerrell clients, to achieve the “last mile” of functionality in an Intacct and Sage implementation. Both of these great mid-market finance and accounting software publishers have industry recognized applications delivering 80-95% of the functionality most client companies need. Not always, but sometimes, those same client companies will need that “last mile” of technology to achieve the complete value proposition of their automation investment, and BTerrell delivers that. The “last mile” might mean integration to a line-of-business application or other transaction data source, or it might mean automating a business process within the software platform to string together many detailed processes with the click of a button!

Recently, I wrote a blog article on the CodePartners web site, which displays actual feedback from a consultant who engaged our firm to automate a very complicated process. This work saved that client company $12,000 per year. That return compares favorably to the annual subscription price, or otherwise no sane business person would go forward. This transaction increases the enterprise value of three companies: the client company, the business partner, and BTerrell!

Read all about the win-win-win and then contact us to discuss how we can create a win for you, too!


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