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A day in the life of an RPA midmarket enterprise BOT

Posted by Brian Terrell on Mon, Dec 11, 2017

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a powerful – and powerfully simple – technology tool that midmarket enterprises can leverage to reduce shutterstock_146587283.jpgoverhead, improve accuracy, focus employee talents and boost service levels. Since the term, and the technology itself, still hold a bit of mystery for many, we thought the best way to demonstrate the capabilities and the value of RPA is to provide two practical use case scenarios – essentially a day in the life of a RPA robot (bot) at your midsized enterprise – plus the easily identifiable wins associated with each case. Of course, your business’s workflows will vary from those below, but the point is that if it can be done by a human data entry operator, it can be done through RPA.

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