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CMSWire: How to Allay Employee Fears of Robotic Process Automation

Posted by Brian Terrell on Sun, Apr 08, 2018

ShipMonk, an ecommerce fulfilment provider, is no stranger to robotics and automation. It uses these technologies to reduce its picking and packing times and to drive revenues, CEO Jan Bednar said. The company is also no stranger to soothing employee fears about job losses due to the introduction of these technologies.

When ShipMonk deployed a robotics process automation application, “I told my employees that they would have nothing to fear due to automation for two reasons," Bednar said. "First, we have an environment that is very conducive to continued education. Employees who were interested in receiving training in the maintenance and operation of these robotics could absolutely receive it.” Second, he said: “I was very transparent with them that our investment in robotics would mean more growth and less hires — but not job cuts.”

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