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What's New in SageCRM v7.0

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Fri, Apr 29, 2011

The new interactive dashboard allows you to manage all your activities from one place, including your calendar, tasks, and lists. It can also display web and RSS feeds that deliver relevant content such as news headlines and blogs. Plus, you can tap into social networking for instant knowledge about customers through integration with LinkedIn® and other social media sites. All this enables you to accomplish more by accessing the information you use every day without switching screens. Using drag and drop functionality, you can quickly and easily personalize the layout and the information displayed on the interactive dashboard so it matches the way you work.

SageCRM v7.0 comes with a new user interface (UI), delivering a fresh, modern look and feel. SageCRM comes with a choice of UIs, enabling you to personalize SageCRM to your own preferences.

SageCRM is now even faster to deploy with the new Active Directory import feature. This allows IT administrators to import a batch of users into SageCRM from a Windows® network so they can get users up and running quickly. With the Active Directory import feature, SageCRM can connect to an Active Directory server that lists and controls network logons. Those users within the directory are filtered and imported easily into SageCRM and have security and profile rights automatically assigned to them—increasing IT productivity and reducing the administrative burden. User templates can be applied and passwords emailed quickly and efficiently to new users through SageCRM.

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What’s New in SageCRM v6.2

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Jul 20, 2010

SageCRM version 6.2 delivers a comprehensive range of new capabilities and enhancements that are designed to enrich the SageCRM user and ownership experience significantly. Check out some of the new features below:

Branding Toolkit

  • enables system administrators to create a branding theme based on their corporate colors so that SageCRM matches their brand identity closely
  • end-users can choose which themes they want to display on their interface using the preconfigured themes supplied or a new theme developed by the system administrator.

E-mail Editor and Spell Check

  • enables users to create mass e-mails to customers using enhanced formatting features or by copying HTML code
  • e-mails can be previewed before they are sent to check that formatting appears correctly; ensuring professional-looking communications at all times
  • users can check the spelling of e-mails, in multiple languages if required, before they are sent; ensuring professional tone of communications at all times.
Related Entities
  • enables users to structure and graphically represent complex relationships that exist between entities in their SageCRM installation.
  • sales executives can identify cross-selling opportunities that exist within their customer base.
  • reports can be generated and lists can be created to support cross-selling programs.
Address Linking
  • allows users to manage addresses for companies and people.
  • reduces potential duplicate address entries and minimizes the amount of manual administration required for address maintenance.

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