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How to ensure a positive ROI on your QuickBooks or Sage 300 upgrade!

Posted by Brian Terrell on Fri, Aug 05, 2022

What if your planned QuickBooks or Sage 300 upgrade doesn't generate the expected return on investment? This 1 minute and 52 second video explains exactly how others mitigate against that risk:
A BTerrell prospect evaluating an upgrade to Sage Intacct from a legacy, on-premises accounting application admitted recently his fear that his company may only use 60% of the functionality to which he is subscribing. That's when I assured him that BTerrell SmartSuite, a portfolio of software, services, and deliverables that includes Sage Intacct, directly addresses that and other common challenges experienced by accounting software upgraders.
I'm Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group.
BTerrell SmartSuite subscribers, who we call Members, receive unlimited training and tech support as a part of their membership. This entitlement removes the tension customers feel when comparing their need for software training against obtaining some sort of upper level management approval for the unbudgeted expense unexpected consulting and training expenses often require. That's only a part of the value proposition to which BTerrell SmartSuite Members are due, and this is what we mean when we say what we're really selling here is the peace of mind that you're receiving all the value to which you're due from your investment in accounting technology.
As you consider upgrading from Quickbooks or a legacy, on-premises accounting application, call me and challenge me to estimate the budgetable monthly price for the outcomes you'll require to move forward.
In the meantime, insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite.
To learn more about Sage Intacct, BTerrell SmartSuite, and BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products, schedule an introductory call today using this safe link:
Now is the time to insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite!

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