Simplify Global Payments with BTerrell SmartEFT™

Making payments across the globe is getting more complex by the minute. From unique country and banking requirements to foreign exchange volatility and interoperability challenges, there are already several roadblocks preventing payments from getting to your global vendors securely and on-time.

The last thing your business should worry about is an inefficient, manually intensive electronic funds transfer (EFT) process.

Empower your accounting team to work smarter with BTerrell SmartEFT.

Why BTerrell SmartEFT for Sage Intacct

With BTerrell SmartEFT, you can send funds securely to any bank, anywhere in the world. Purpose-built for Sage Intacct, BTerrell SmartEFT easily handles the unique formats for all banks in all countries.

Simplify global payments:

  • Augment the Sage Intacct platform without changing its native functionality
  • Send funds electronically through any bank in the world
  • Support multiple payment types in a single file, including ACH, balanced ACH files, wire transfer, SEPA Payments and paper checks
  • Meet requirements for any bank using proprietary file formats
  • Add an approval layer, preventing payment files from being generated without the proper approval
  • Adhere to Sage Intacct’s native security protocol

Unlock business value:

  • Enhance EFT security
  • Streamline accounting operations by removing manual steps
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve utilization of accounting staff
  • Increase the value of Intacct
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