We Tailor the Software For Your Purposes

BTerrell began helping Sage business partners and customers deliver the last mile of technology for Sage Intacct and Sage 300 in 2001. Because software publishers cannot anticipate 100% of the functionality all end users will need ‘out of the box’, many mid-market companies needing additional functionality turn to BTerrell and CodePartners, the BTerrell development division. Since 2001, these two organizations have created millions of dollars in customer value either directly or through a Sage business partner.

To ensure success, we capitalize on several strengths. First, it makes a big difference to start with well architected products boasting strong application programming interfaces. Both Sage Intacct and Sage 300 deliver these two critical characteristics: winning architecture and open APIs. Sage Intacct’s “born in the cloud” multi-tenant design provides talented developers an opportunity to automate through nearly every business object in the application. It’s no secret that most transactions post to Sage Intacct through this API, which just means that the biggest “data entry clerks” using Sage Intacct today are other computers. Nothing in the world of integration tops computer-to-computer transaction entry for speed, accuracy, and flexibility. According to Sage Intacct management, at least one customer posts millions of transactions every day to Sage Intacct through the application’s extremely robust architecture. It makes us wonder…where does the “mid-market” end?

Sage 300 includes a complete object oriented three tier design. The original Sage 300 programmers from way back in 1995 operated far ahead of their time. BTerrell and CodePartners enjoy the peerless business logic layer offered by Sage 300, which allows a developer to swap out one user interface for another with ease. Beyond this, Sage 300 evolves with changing preferences on the database side so easily that we’ve seen support over the years for Pervasive, IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL. At one time, a client company could even run the Sage 300 application directly on Linux! Ultimately, the market moderates what can be done into what should be done, and today Sage 300 publisher support focuses on an HTML5 user interface and a Microsoft SQL database.

Sage Intacct and Sage 300 customers need experienced developers to assist in tailoring the tools and architecture of these great products to meet their exact business requirements. BTerrell has the experience to create simple or complex automations through a process defined to maximize the opportunities for success:

  • Functional Requirements Analysis – a collaborative effort to collect detailed information about the issues and business goals for the desired automation
  • Technical Design Documentation – documentation of the requirements including a functional design narrative, component diagram, business logic overview, process workflow, wireframes, stylesheets, and project risk management strategy
  • Development and Quality Assurance Testing – the conversion of the technical design into working software code, led by a seasoned project manager who provides regular status updates on scope, timeline, and budget and leads developer and quality assurance personnel through test case development and QA testing
  • Conference Room Pilot Testing and Training – a fully functional, fully tested pilot deployment on which client’s end users try and train on the newly developed business process and system, provide feedback, request revisions, and deepen QA testing
  • Production Implementation – an implementation of the final system into the client’s production environment from the testing environment, including any additional data conversion, end user documentation, and final training
  • Continuing Technical Support – tailored support and maintenance plans ensuring a continuing relationship and removing concerns about future application, browser or operating system upgrades or business process changes

Our expertise includes and extends beyond today’s web enabled programming languages and technologies, such as AJAX, HTML5, Google Web Toolkit, XML and PHP. We stay current with newer technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”), which serves as an alternative to legacy software development, especially for systems that do not offer modern access through cloud enabled APIs and protocols. With RPA, BTerrell can approach each opportunity with more than one approach, and we can bring partners to the table to complete enterprise level engagements using any technology strategy.

Our development mission requires we empower our exceptional team to become partners that client companies trust to provide superior technology to create a positive return and enable all stakeholders to do more work with less effort. To find out how we can help you, please contact us at info@codepartners.com.