Building More With Better Accounting Processes 

In the wholesale distribution business, you and your team are tasked with tracking (literally) millions of “things”. From supply chain and inventory management, to order tracking, fulfillment, shipping and invoicing, each cog in the wheel requires multiple steps and intensive, customized processes to keep it all running smoothly.

At BTerrell Group, we know what you’re up against. We help leading wholesale and distribution companies get a handle on their seemingly overwhelming financial and accounting tasks. The result? Drastically improved efficiencies. Streamlined operations. Reduced man-hours. Superior financial visibility.


Sage Intacct is better when you partner with BTerrell


Improved Visibility: Generate real-time reporting with Management dashboards that give you visibility into any dimension, such as item, location, warehouse or supplier. Gain the ability to parse your ecommerce data any way you wish—and at a moment’s notice. From returns and shipping fees to margins and best-sellers. 

Automation Lifesaver:  Redundant tasks got you down?  Our team of experts at BTerrell can help streamline and automate repetitive processes, freeing up resources inside your business.  You’ll get more done, with improved accuracy and fewer staff hours. 

Growth is Good: With Sage Intacct, growth doesn’t have to mean increasing your accounting headaches. Let our team show you how Intacct will scale with you--tomorrow, next year, and even further in the future. Adding multiple warehouses, increasing your distribution channels, or acquiring a new entity is where Sage Intacct really shines.

Connections and Integrations: We work diligently to integrate with supply-chain programs and software you’re using today. Whether you need to integrate with Salesforce or a sales-tax platform, we make it all work seamlessly together.

Reporting: Gone are the days when rolling up month-end data took weeks. With Sage Intacct, daily logistics are at your fingertips within moments. Consolidate multiple locations easily and simply. Make better and faster decisions with information that’s generated in real time, when opportunities present themselves.

Customization: We recognize your business is unique, and an out-of-the-box solution is unlikely to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing tailored customizations specific to your wholesale and distribution business.


When to Implement a New ERP System


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