Tight Controls, Better Reporting, with Flexibility to Customize

When your daily work is client-centric and billing-dependent, you need a way to manage the countless financial details that make your business successful. From service companies to financial management companies to legal firms to consulting groups, we understand the need to have easy and quick access to data. It’s imperative you can see your financials, presented efficiently and in a meaningful way.

If you are combining data from multiple sources and manipulating it in spreadsheets to manage revenue and expenses at the client, department, or partner level, that time waste can be eliminated with better tools, customized to service business accounting. Don’t just tolerate data entry errors, time-consuming closings, and poor financial insights–improve them all and accelerate your accounting operations in the process.

Let our team help you implement a robust cloud-based accounting solution that brings visibility and efficiencies to all the components of your business. Sage Intacct will give tight control over expenses and profitability reporting, while being customizable to your unique service business needs.


How Sage Intacct Can Help:

  • Hourly billing by client, department, partner or project
  • Accurate and compliant billing
  • Insightful dashboards and reporting
  • Shortened project-close billing procedures
  • Easy automation of complex accounting processes
  • Straightforward allocation of revenues and expenses

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Professional Services Companies We've Helped: