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BTerrell SmartEFT™

Simplify Global Payments and send electronic fund transfers securely to any bank, anywhere in the world without ever leaving Sage Intacct

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A simpler way to make Domestic & International Payments

BTerrell SmartEFT™ is an easy-to-use global payment platform enabling you to securely initiate electronic payments to and from vendors, employees, and customers through any bank, anywhere in the world. With SmartEFT, you can easily handle the unique formats and requirements for all banks in all countries and allows users to originate Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) to payees or from customers without leaving the Sage Intacct. Imagine the time and expense you will save compared to manually entering account and payment details to bank portals, printing, mailing paper checks, or correcting data entry errors.


Built for Any Bank

Easily handle the unique formats and requirements for any bank so you can create EFT Files (payment instruction files) from any bank around the world directly out of Sage Intacct.


All Payment Types

As long as the bank has documentation or specifications on electronic fund transfer (EFT) formatting, you can easily process any payment type from Sage Intacct with BTerrell SmartEFT.


Increase Processing Options

The payment processing solution works with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Employee Expenses, giving your team more flexibility with Sage Intacct.


Automate to Save Time & Errors

By adding additional automation with Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), BTerrell SmartEFT allows you to eliminate manual errors, save time, and focus on more important things.


Global Payments

With multi-currency and foreign transactions, BTerrell SmartEFT enables you to securely initiate electronic payments to and from vendors, employees, and customers through any bank.


Seamless Integrations

Flawlessly integrate other solutions, such as BTerrell SmartFX™ – so you can easily make foreign payments within Sage Intacct with preferred exchange rates while leveraging the easy-to-use EFT capabilities.


Streamline Your Payment Process with a Proven Application

The only application generating EFT files within Sage Intacct for international payments
Complies with GDPR requirements with a focus on customer data security
Originated over $2 billion dollars in transactions through 12,000 EFT files in 2020
Utilizes BTerrell's flexible payment framework designed to support any financial institution
Customers implement BTerrell SmartEFT and begin making payments in only 3 weeks
Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud for rock-solid reliability and security

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How Does SmartEFT Benefit Your Business?

Securely process high payment volumes utilizing Sage Intacct Platform Services
Automatically transfer transactions files to participating banks via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
Support the EFT file format requirements of any financial institution
Tailor payment remittance emails to your exact specifications
Sync and post payments with your bank's payments status
Auto-draft payments from customer accounts and eliminates paper check deposits
Prevent unapproved payment file generation by enforcing up to a multi-level/multi-approver payment approval policy
Combine multiple payment types into a single transaction, including U.S. ACH payments, wire transfers, and international EFT payments

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BTerrell Provides Sage Intacct's Most Trusted Digital Payment Platform

BTerrell SmartEFT relies on the BTerrell Smart Digital Payment Processing Platform

BTerrell has 30+ of experience in providing accounting solutions for businesses
BTerrell has 8 years of Sage Intacct development success
Developed using Sage Intacct Platform Services
Compatible with Sage Intacct Value Added Tax (VAT)
Compatible with most AP bill automations on the Sage Intacct Marketplace
Compatible with BTerrell SmartFX, BTerrell Smart Billable Expenses™, and BTerrell SmartRPA™

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Consider BTerrell SmartEFT When…

Making electronic payments through any domestic or international banks
Making electronic, cross-border payments to suppliers or other payees in foreign currency
Making payments through domestic or international banks that require transaction formats unsupported by Sage Intacct
Combining multiple payment types (ACH, EFT, Wire Transfer, and Paper Checks) into one electronic transaction file
Automatically sending electronic transaction files to banks via SFTP
Reducing or eliminating paper checks
Required by banking partners to submit "balanced" ACH files, which Sage Intacct does not support
Tailoring remittance advice emails for payees, which Sage Intacct does not support
Providing suppliers with data within the ACH transaction beyond that which Sage Intacct supports

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Save More with Affordable Pricing

BTerrell SmartEFT is an annual subscription-based application, unlike other payment applications that charge by the transaction or transaction amount. Implementation fees are a one-time charge based on the subscribed functions. Contact us for a competitive quote to simplify and secure your electronic payment process.

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Available Via Banks Around The World

US_EFTBanks Argentina_EFTBanks Australia_EFTBanks Canada_EFTbanks Curacao_EFTBanks Germany_EFTBanks India_EFTBanks Ireland_EFTBanks Netherlands_EFTBanks Norway_EFTbanks Singapore_EFTBanks Sweden_EFTBanks UK_EFTBanks

Leverage Our Strategic Partners & Products

SmartSuite 400x250

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Subscription to a portfolio of software, services, and deliverables that includes Sage Intacct.

SmartFX 400x250

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Seamlessly integrate Xe's foreign currency exchange with Sage Intacct for better rates & consolidation.

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Smart Billable Expenses

AR Automation with expense management to invoice and track reimbursable expenses within Sage Intacct.

Hear From Your Peers

I’m really happy with the implementation and the functionality of SmartEFT. We’ve seen at least a 35% reduction in the time it takes to make payments. Great results if you ask me!
Amber Havens, Projects Controller
PCS Retirement
BTerrell provides accounting software and services to Fogo and has done so since the day we opened. To this day, we rely heavily on their services and technology, and feel they have contributed greatly to our success as we have grown.
Larry Johnson, Chairman of the Board
Fogo de Chão
BTerrell has been a great partner, and we give them high marks when it comes to responsiveness and their knowledge of Sage Intacct. Everyone has been easy to work with, and very helpful in enhancing our financial automation and reporting.
Jerry Turner, CFO

Clients We've Helped

BeyondTrust CTI Calgary Meals on Wheels Community Foundations of Canada Cantiro Discovery Education Elevation Pictures Hensall co-op Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Dalio Family Offices Ocean Wise National Basketball Players Association


Sage Business Partner

BTerrell Group has proudly been a certificated Sage Intacct Partner for over 10 years.

AICPA Accreditation

Sage Intacct is the first and only AICPA preferred financial management solution.

G2 2022
G2 Best Software

Sage Intacct is rated #1 for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd.


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