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BTerrell SmartSuite™

Get your job done easily & enjoy unlimited service with the affordable subscription service from experienced experts

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Why pay for one expensive show when you can explore the whole Nexflix library for a little monthly fee? For over 30 years, BTerrell has worked with companies in a variety of industries to help their businesses be stronger and faster through technology. One thing in common intimidates them to make final decisions: Is risking all and paying the high upfront cost worth the change?
As a business ourselves, we understand your concerns. That’s why we have BTerrell SmartSuite™, an affordable subscription to a portfolio of software, services, and deliverables that include Sage Intacct, BTerrell SmartStart™, BTerrell SmartAssist™, and BTerrell SmartReports™, to provide unlimited service, training, and access you need.

We Hear Your Problems

“…I know the information is in the system…we just don’t know how to report on it…”

“…I know we are not using the system as fully as we could…”

“…I know there’s lots we could do if only we knew how to do it…”

“…I know we should not do it manually in Excel…”

Here is Your Solution

Your financial systems partner is fundamental to your company’s success. With BTerrell SmartSuite, you can get implementation services, process review, publisher interaction, new feature awareness, report and dashboard development, continuing education, user security management, and more from BTerrell experts.

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Why BTerrell SmartSuite Provides You Peace of Mind

Change is scary, but you won’t be alone. At BTerrell, customers are our number one priority. We understand your struggles and how to solve them with Sage Intacct. We are always here to learn and grow with you.

Better customer outcomes

  • Stakeholder confidence in the accuracy of the financial records
  • Freedom from fear of technological obsolescence and unforeseen costs
  • Peace of mind with consistent and committed support as business needs change

Lower costs

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited software configuration and process design
  • Unlimited report and dashboard development

Enhanced User Experience

  • Unrestricted access to certified Sage Intacct expertise
  • Continuing professional education
  • Authentic business relationships

BTerrell SmartStart™


Make your implementation as easy as switching on the light with BTerrell SmartStart, an agile Sage Intacct implementation project methodology. Starting by articulating your vision and goals for the project, our experienced consultants will help you configure Sage Intacct. The system can be ready for loading general ledger transactions, open documents for accounts receivable, account payable, and last bank conciliation within short periods of time.


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BTerrell SmartAssist™


BTerrell SmartAssist, a technical service and training agreement, provides you unlimited access to the knowledge and experience of our Sage Intacct certified consultants. Tailored design for what your business exactly needs, our experienced consultants will work with you to help maximize your investment in Sage Intacct and improve your business performance. 


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BTerrell SmartReports™


BTerrell SmartReports is a business relationship where we help you analyze and understand what your data really means. Our talented report writers provide unlimited reports, dashboards, and template design and development using every tool in the Sage Intacct toolkit. In addition, you can access BTerrell SmartReport Membership Report Library for all valuable reports anytime, anywhere.


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Sage Intacct


Sage Intacct, the only cloud-based accounting solution preferred by AICPA, enables businesses to grow fearlessly with real-time financial metrics and operational insights that drive productivity, reduce cost, and improve business performance.

BTerrell is the trusted Sage Business Partner and Sage Tech Partner. We have been providing Sage Intacct and the services from North Texas longer than anyone. As a BTerrell SmartSuite member, our experienced consultants will work with you step-by-step to get the best value out of Sage Intacct and achieve your financial goals.


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Clients We've Helped

Epiphany Smile Doctors River Edge Compel4 Base Equity Partners Dallas Symphony Orchestra Crews & Associates HVAC Distributing NTBA Fort Smith Regional Airport GWG Elite Nurses Camp Aldersgate TNW Sightline WiNGS Smiley United Built Homes C1S Acadian Middle Flint Republic Property Standpoint Enclad

Hear From Your Peers

The powerful visibility we have in Sage Intacct has really improved our overall financial performance. In the time we’ve been on the system, we’ve sped up processes, increased data accuracy, and improved reporting without increasing our accounting staff. I’ve worked with several different accounting and ERP systems over the years – including QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, and Microsoft Great Plains – but none of them come close to offering the user-friendly capabilities and granular visibility we have with Sage Intacct.
Jerry Turner, Controller
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the successful “Go Live” and with the quality partnership I believe our two companies have formed. Looking forward to our first successful period-end close process and a successful launch of Fixed Assets. Great work and thanks again for your leadership and partnership.
Jim Lebs, CFO
Pei Wei
BTerrell provided accounting software and services to Fogo starting the day we opened in August 1997 until March 2019 when their solution focus prompted a change. For all of those years, we relied heavily on their services and technology and feel they have contributed greatly to our success as we have grown from startup to publicly traded company.
Larry Johnson, Chairman of the Board
Therapy South



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