What If Your Financial Data Didn't Live in Different Places?

We understand that it takes many different systems to run a business. Maybe you’ve got one for accounting, one for payroll, one for customer relationship management and one for managing product inventory. That’s a lot of data to manage. What’s most frustrating about seeing smaller organizations manage this disparate information is when they write off the time it takes to export reports, consolidate information and slice and dice data as just another cost of doing business. At BTerrell Group, we believe there’s another way.

When you partner with us, we’ll help you get more value from your Sage Intacct investment by building custom integrations that pull the critical financial information you need into Intacct, when you need it, without taxing your internal staff. 


System gaps we make disappear

“There’s a disconnect between our financial and operational systems.”

Our developers help you bridge gaps between Sage Intacct and your other systems. Frequent pain points we help relieve are getting data from a payroll system into your general ledger and automating the process of moving Salesforce data into accounting systems.

“We’re spending too much time on accounting tasks.”

With us, you get two solutions to this challenge: Sage developers who can automate your processes by knitting together your disparate systems with custom integrations and seasoned CPAs who can offer functional integration recommendations from an accountant’s perspective.

“We have to wait on IT every time we need something ‘custom.’”

We understand that, at most businesses like yours, technical resources are limited. That’s why we extend your team with our Sage development experts, giving you a dedicated resource whenever questions arise, challenges crop up or new opportunities materialize.

“Moving to a new system requires more change than we can handle.”

We believe installing new systems shouldn’t require a rip and replace of processes. We make the Sage Intacct toolset fit and support your work style, not the other way around. So moving to a more capable, streamlined, drastically improved platform isn’t as hard as you think.


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