A Modern, Nimble Financial Management Platform, For Your Not for Profit Mission

Not for Profit accounting presents unique--and often complex--financial challenges. With so many people relying upon you to achieve great work, you need a reliable and efficient accounting solution that makes your work easier by removing burdens and creating efficiencies.

Whether your not for profit is faith-based, philanthropic, or focused on community, education or health care, we can help. Our team can walk hand-in-hand with yours to help move beyond spreadsheets and manual accounting tasks to implement the award-winning accounting platform, Sage Intacct.


Community Improvement and Capacity Building

Educational Nonprofit Organizations

Faith-based Organizations

Not for Profit Healthcare Organizations

Human Services Organizations

International Nonprofits and NGOs

Membership Organizations

Philanthropic Organizations


With Sage Intacct, you can:

  • Eliminate clunky workflows and manual, paper-driven processes to streamline financial and data management tasks.
  • Create your desired level of granularity: manage monies by grants/donors, programs, geographies or other dimensions.
  • Set budgets and track actuals for each event, campaign, program and funding source.
  • Gain financial visibility through intuitive, easy-to-configure reporting dashboards.
  • Speed report preparation, giving you access to data in minutes, not days.
  • Perform separate closes for each funding source, making it simple to report to multiple donors or investors.
  • Boost operational and finance efficiencies, becoming a better steward of donor dollars.
  • Scale financial system with growth, or as new projects, grants or funding sources arise.


Not for Profit Clients We've Helped: