MISys Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Production Scheduling, and Shop Floor Management

MISys is modular by design, so you purchase just the functionality you need. Start with the core module, MISys Level 1 (provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need). As your company grows and needs more functionality, you can add MISys Level 2 (for those who need to take manufacturing management to the next level) for production control and scheduling with Materials Requirements Planning (MRP). Then add MISys Level 3 to zero-in on your shop floor operations and get detailed production efficiency and cost analysis.

You may also want to consider Serial/Lot Tracking (to track serial or lot numbers for items you build or use), Bin Tracking (for manufacturers who use containerized raw materials and need to track the quantity available in each barrel, bolt, roll, or sheet), and Bar Coding (provides the hardware and software required to print and collect bar coded data for MISys SAE).

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