MISys Manufacturing Bar Coding

The MISys Bar Coding System is a turn-key solution including the hardware and software required to print and collect bar coded data in a manufacturing environment.

Tedious and error-prone data entry can be significantly eliminated with the implementation of an effective bar coding system.

The hardware component of the MISys Bar Coding System is a hand-held, battery-powered, portable collection device (PCD) featuring an elastomeric keypad, 2-line LCD display, voice synthesis response, attached bar code scanner, and cabling required to dock the PCD with the host computer.

The software component of the MISys Bar Coding System provides for communication between the PCD and the host computer, printing of bar code labels and reports, and seamless integration with the MISys SAE inventory functions.

The Bar Code System comes pre-programmed for physical inventory and stock transfer applications, but can be re-programmed for virtually any desired application.

Physical Inventory
One of the primary applications for bar coding in a manufacturing environment is the collection of physical inventory count data.

Using the MISys Bar Coding System with its hand-held PCD, you can collect physical inventory counts by scanning a bar coded shelf label, then entering the actual count on the PCD's keypad. The PCD is programmed to accept Item number/Stock count transactions until all Items have been counted. With the PCD docked to the host computer, the built-in software uploads the count data and deposits it in a selected Physical Inventory Batch, ready for posting. Nothing could be simpler or more secure.

The Physical Inventory functions of MISys SAE Manufacturing include a button on the Physical Inventory and Stock Transfer Batch windows which deposits the bar coded data in the batch. The interface is completely seamless to the user.

Stock Transfers
Users wishing to use the MISys Bar Coding System to record shop floor transactions will discover that the PCD has been pre-programmed to accept all MISys Stock Transfer Batch entries.

In portable mode, the PCD can be used on the show floor to record stock transfers (such as stock dispense/return and assembly/disassembly transactions) as they occur. In non-portable mode, the PCD can be used in the stockroom to accurately record data from bar coded Item labels.

Label Printing
The MISys SAE Bar Coding System includes a selection of Crystal Report definition files which can be used to print various bar code labels on standard Avery label stock. These report definition files can be used as is, or custom modified using the Accpac System Manager's built-in Crystal report writer.

Report Printing
The MISys SAE Bar Coding System installs a selection of reports, such as new a Physical Inventory Worksheet and Pick Lists, which are "bar code enabled," further enhancing the usefulness of the software.

Sample Bar Code Font
The MISys SAE Bar Coding System installs a sample Code 39 bar code font for use with labels and other reports. Reports, including purchase orders and manufacturing orders, which do not currently display bar coded data, can be modified using the Crystal report writer, specifying the bar code font wherever this information is required.