MISys Level 2

For those who need to take manufacturing management to the next level, beyond basic inventory control and purchasing, Level 2 introduces Master Production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning.

While MISys SAE Level 1 helps you maintain an inventory, MISys SAE Level 2 helps you maintain no inventory. Although reducing the manufacturing inventory to zero is not practicable, the MRP functions in Level 2 can help you reduce inventory holding costs by 30% or more. With this kind of savings, the software can pay for itself in a matter on months.

Also included in MISys SAE Level 2 are customizable Manufacturing Orders, perfect for make-to-order manufacturers and custom job shops alike. These orders are the key to tracking actual production costs and driving accurate COGS into the integrated accounting system.

Create Manufacturing Orders

  • Create manufacturing orders based on standard bills of material.
  • Create manufacturing orders directly from Advantage sales orders.
  • Associate jobs with manufacturing orders for detailed cost analysis.
  • Edit manufacturing orders to create custom job orders.
  • Allocate special items such as labor, supplies, and tooling to customize manufacturing order.
  • Attach word processing files to provide unlimited amounts of online documentation.
  • Attach pictures (all popular formats supported).
  • Create and link child manufacturing orders to any parent manufacturing order.
  • Copy previous orders to speed up amending order generation.
  • Print internal manufacturing order approvals and multi-page production manufacturing orders and travelers.
  • Analyze standard, projected, and actual job costs with performance variances.
  • Create detailed manufacturing order pick lists.
  • Pick partial or complete manufacturing orders.
  • Complete support for Stock, WIP, and Reserve stock with automatic backflush.
  • Back-flush complete or partially completed manufacturing orders.
  • Automatically adjust raw materials based on actual production yield.
  • Special handling of non-backflush type items.
  • Record scrap resulting from specific manufacturing order processing.
  • Expedite and close manufacturing orders at any time with automatic cleanup of partially committed material.
  • Transfer completed items directly to ACCPAC finished goods inventory.

Produce Master Production Schedules

  • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for any planning horizon.
  • True bucketless scheduling with user-defined period number and size.
  • Save and re-open multiple production schedules.
  • Maintain a pool of active production schedules.
  • Share production schedules among MISys/2000 workgroup users.
  • Include or ignore current inventory, purchase order, and manufacturing orders in MPS.
  • Create and maintain batches of scheduling events.
  • Fix production start dates and schedule forward to completion.
  • Fix production completion dates and schedule back to start.
  • Apply batches to MPS to simulate planned purchasing and production activity.
  • Retrieve and schedule sales orders from Order Entry.
  • Instantly spotlight shortages of raw materials and sub-assemblies.
  • View master production schedule for all items, or items meeting specific stocking criteria.
  • Drill down master production schedule to view item schedule on period-by-period basis.
  • Drill down item schedule to view current and planned activity.

Analyze Material Requirements Plans

  • Base material requirements on zero, minimum, or reorder points.
  • Create Material Requirements Plan (MRP) based on results of MPS.
  • Print detailed Purchasing Advice Report to show items which must be purchased in order to satisfy MPS.
  • Purchasing Advice Report identifies available suppliers and suggests expediting existing purchase orders where appropriate.
  • Print detailed Production Advice Report to show items which must be built in order to satisfy MPS.
  • Production Advice Report suggests expediting existing manufacturing orders where appropriate.
  • Create purchase orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP.
  • Create production manufacturing orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP.
  • Print MRP reports showing activity for all periods, active periods only, or net activity per item.

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