MISys Manufacturing Serial/Lot Tracking

Serial/Lot Tracking is particularly important to manufacturers of food products, medical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, and other specialized products.

MISys Serial/Lot Tracking answers these four questions:

  • How much of a serial or lot-tracked Item do I have in stock?
  • Which assembly contains these tracked Items as components?
  • Which tracked Items were used as components in this assembly?
  • Where did the finished good I assembled go?

Other, vastly more complex and difficult-to-use manufacturing systems track the serial and/or lot numbers of items as they move from station to station within the manufacturing facility. This places a tremendous burden on data entry personnel. Ultimately, the work is abandoned, and the effort fails.

By adopting a relatively simplistic view of serial/lot tracking, the developers of the MISys Manufacturing System have provided a system that is easy to maintain, yet provides the answers most manufacturers need. Success is virtually assured.

Whether you have one serialized component in the products you make, or whether every finished good item you produce requires a detailed component history, MISys Serial/Lot Tracking will provide the information you need.

MISys Serial/Lot Tracking is not a stand-alone product. It operates in conjunction with the MISys Manufacturing System software, adding capabilities that were not previously available in MISys.

While Serial/Lot Tracking is an extra-cost option for MISys Manufacturing, every user of is provided with the software which they can use on a trial basis. After using the capabilities of Serial/Lot Tracking for a while, a message will begin to appear warning of the impending end of the trial period and urging you to be in touch with Terrell & Terrell if you wish to permanently license this capability of MISys. Ultimately, access to specific Serial/Lot Tracking functions will be disabled unless a valid license code is entered.