Fuel Distribution for Sage Accpac ERP

The Fuel Distribution software is a vertical market application developed to meet the complex requirements of fuel distributors. When combined with Sage Accpac ERP accounting software, this provides a complete solution for companies in the fuel distribution industry.

The core Fuel Distribution module includes the following components:

  • Advanced date-based pricing and discounting
  • Account set isolation and configuration parameters
  • Inventory Location configuration
  • Multiple Transaction Types
  • Batch Based Transaction Pre-processing
  • Complex Fuelcard Processing Logic
  • National Account Handling
  • Complex Invoice Statement
  • Advanced Inventory UOM Configuration
  • Off-Road Tax Credit Reporting
  • Local Body Tax Collection and Reporting
  • Granular Security
  • Email Notifications

Other modules that are available for Fuel Distribution are:

Demand and Transportation Planning
This module provides fleet delivery planning functionality. Deliveries are recorded from multiple sources, including:

  • Standing schedules
  • Customer orders
  • Demand planning using predictive calculations based on customer tank meter reads, which signals when a delivery will be required for each customer site

The suggested dispatch schedule can then be manipulated by the operator to derive the final dispatch schedule for each shift, as well as load requirements. Delivery schedule and load information can then be produced, either in hard copy or transmitted to each vehicle's on-board system.

On Board Systems
The On Board module uses touchscreen technology to provide functions to the driver, including recording of delivery data, meter reads, etc. Data can be transmitted real-time between the vehicle and head office, via wireless (subject to network coverage limitations). Alternatively daily upload/downloads can be handled.

Retail Despatching
Specifically for retail based mini-tanker operations in a reactive dispatcher environment, this allows for fast entry and recall of customer delivery details and can be modified to integrate with TAPI based solutions for screen-popping application.

Site Management
Also referred to as Customer Inventory Control System (CICS), this sub-module provides the ability to collect tank dips and pump readings to ascertain that no tank seepage is occurring, this also includes the ability for usage forecasting and scheduling functionality.

Field Asset Management
Integrated with Norming Fixed Assets module, this manages Distributor owned equipment provisioned at customer sites.

Fuel Company Reconciliations
The Fuel Distribution reconciliation module contains a significant sub-system and interface to record and reconcile complex transactions between Distribution Companies and Fuel Companies. Driven from posting of batch transactions, loading dockets (invoices to AP Vendor Account) and delivery invoices (credits to AP Vendor Account where delivery to Fuel Company direct customer) and delivery freight charges (invoice to AR Cartage account). In addition, transactions entered directly in Accpac ledgers against Vendor and Customer accounts are extracted and managed in reconciliation module.

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