SpeedTax Recorded Webcasts

How to Choose a Sales Tax Solution
Presented by Geni Whitehouse, CPA.CITP, CSPM
This Webcast outlines nine steps -- including how to determine the ROI associated with an automated solution, what to look for in a product demo, and how to compare solution options based on a company's budget. This one-hour Webcast will give you a significant head-start in selecting the right sales tax solution for your business.
If They Audit, Your Client Will Pay 
Tighter times call for more state audits, and sales tax is the easiest one to go after. Help your clients reduce their exposure to sales and use tax audits. Find out why sales tax needs to be on your radar ASAP and how you can put your clients at ease. You'll learn about:

  • Potential traps for your clients
  • Renewed focus on sales tax to supplement revenues
  • How to help your clients quantify their risk

Sales Tax Returns & Filing Tools for the Progressive Accountant
As your business grows, complex new sales tax obligations make returns preparation and filing time-consuming and cumbersome. In this one-hour Webcast, find out about the most important tools and practices you can implement to make returns preparation, filing and remittance an efficient and streamlined process. Take away tools and resources you can put to use immediately, learning from real cases and examples of how SpeedTax's latest Software-as-a-Service technology improves controls and transparency while reducing expense and staff time.