Sage Accpac HRMS Alerts

Automate communications and increase efficiency.

Get the right information to the right people for quick and timely action. Use specified actions and trigger dates in this email notification software tool to send automated messages, and keep employees and applicants informed about activities and pending issues.

Proactive Communication
Keep track of dates and times, and send automatic reminders for time-sensitive events such as annual reviews or verification of enrollment in training. Monitor and send emails when exceptions occur, such as when paid time-off balances fall below a minimum level and verify information changes through automatic email messaging.

Administrative Tools
Merge employee information from the Sage Accpac HRMS database to create and automatically send personalized email messages. Email notification software allows you to automatically respond via email to employees who register for training.

Pre-Formatted Alerts
Use templates to create any task you need to standardize or monitor. Sage Accpac HRMS Alerts includes pre-formatted alerts for HR, attendance and balance information, applicant tracking, and training class confirmation. Automatically notify personnel of performance reviews, benefits enrollment, compliance requirements, and other information.

Integrated Database and Reporting
Increase your productivity with this comprehensive set of tools that streamline HR processes. Integrated database and reporting tools allow you to add functionality for HR, compliance, attendance, organizational charting, employee self service, and internal employee communications.