Sage Accpac HRMS Attendance

When implemented, Sage Accpac HRMS Attendance adds value to your HRMS solution by managing your workforce costs and increasing productivity. Easily set up any number of employee attendance and time-off plans. Sage Accpac HRMS Attendance includes flexible attendance tracking features such as vacation, personal, illness, jury duty, bereavement, and FMLA time-off management.

Customize the system to meet your company's individual needs. It supports unlimited time-off plans for each employee and tracks year-to-date hours available versus year-to-date hours taken. Comprehensive accrual features provide many reporting options. Pinpoint trends with standard reports such as absence averages, absence percentages by department, and ranked lists by hours absent. Other standard attendance software reports include perfect attendance, FMLA due to return, medical re-certification, and more.

Time-Off Management
Sage Accpac HRMS Attendance software tracks time-off including vacation, personal leave, illness, jury duty, medical leave, and bereavement. Accrue time based on hours, days, or any other unit of measurement. Set up separate, date-sensitive accounting for fiscal, calendar, and anniversary accrual years.

Comprehensive Reporting
Give employees instant, year-to-date snapshots of their attendance status and provide management with analyses of absences for quick detection of problems. The software includes a variety of standard reports, an ad hoc query tool, and Crystal Report® writer for complex reporting needs.

FMLA Tracking
Assign regular leaves of absence and track leaves of absence covered by FMLA. Track medical certification and re-certification dates.

Integration with Sage Accpac HRMS ESS
Install Attendance software with Sage Accpac HRMS ESS and automate time off management. This allows employees to view attendance balances and request time off via the Internet or an intranet.

Create any number of attendance plans per employee using different seniority, accrual, and carryover rules. Easily designate maximum carryover amounts for individual plans, and assign user-defined reason codes to each plan.