Sage Accpac HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Online benefit administration, open enrollment, and life events management.

Empower employees with detailed 24/7 benefit administration access to benefit plans over the Internet or an intranet. Step-by-step wizards guide administrators through the benefit plan set-up process, and walk employees through open enrollment. Year-round life events management allows employees to update information such as marital status and dependents. Eliminate the need for printed documents. Reduce time delays with online benefit administration that allows employees to enter their own benefit elections.

Combine Benefits Enrollment with Sage Accpac HRMS for these benefit administration features:

Flexible Plan Creation
You are guided through the process of setting up benefit plan information, including open enrollment start and end dates, applicable companies, organizational levels, employee eligibility, and more.

Automated Workflow
Save benefit administration hours with automated workflow capabilities. Keep current with all employee selections as they occur, instead of waiting to batch update. Automatically flag errors, allowing administrators to request changes by the employee.

Life Events Management
Quickly update the HR department. Employees and managers can add dependents, change marital status, and designate dependents. Life events features are available at all times, including during open enrollment.

Guided Enrollment
Step-by-step customizable wizards guide employees through benefits enrollment. Employees are prompted to choose plans based on automatic eligibility criteria and can even save their progress and return at a later date. They can authorize changes with digital signatures.

Benefit Plan Integration
Empower employees with instant access to online information, including plan documents. For convenient access to plan providers, add links to other Web sites.

Election Comparisons
Allow employees to make the smartest informed decisions concerning their benefits. During open enrollment, employees can compare costs and coverage of current elections with new offerings.

24/7 Access
Internet access ensures that employees can review information 24/7. Benefit administration Web access allows employees to involve spouses at home in the decision making process.

Administrator Features
Managers have benefit administration control over the open enrollment process with comprehensive tools. Customize reminder messages for employees to finish their benefits enrollment, monitor progress by employee, quickly approve or reject benefit selections, and batch update plan changes to HRMS.

Protect employee data using password protection, SQL server database security, and an encrypted Sage Accpac HRMS database. Supports 128-bit SSL encryption to protect data transmitted over the Internet.

Integration with Sage Accpac HRMS
Integration of benefit administration means automatic updates to Sage Accpac HRMS when changes are made to benefit elections during open enrollment. Benefit deduction changes are updated with synchronized future start dates, eliminating hours of duplicate data entry.