SourceCorp Professional Services

 SourceCorp Professional Services
As the nation's leading provider of specialized business tax services, SourceCorp helps clients maximize state and federal tax incentives, increase cash flow, minimize tax payments, and increase ROI. 
Inventory Tax Planning: Companies with substantial inventory could get a cash infusion using the IPIC LIFO method.
Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits: The Alternative Simplification Methodology of the R&D credit has cost savings for companies that have devoted time and resources to new or innovative products or manufacturing processes, improvement of existing products, patent development, software development, design and engineering staff, prototyping, modeling and trial-and-error testing.
Cost Segregation: This is a tax savings strategy that accelerates the recovery of facility costs for income tax purposes through accelerated depreciation.
Energy Efficient Commercial Building “Green” Tax Deduction: Energy efficient buildings and upgrades to HVAC or lighting systems to reduce energy consumptions may qualify for a tax deductions.