The Sky Is The Limit

We are hiring at BTerrell Group!

BTerrell Group, a business advisor and cloud-based accounting automation systems provider based in Dallas, seeks individuals with business and accounting experience to guide clients in the selection, implementation and use of state of the art, cloud-based accounting software systems. We offer health care benefits, retirement benefits, PTO, and a culture that balances work and family commitments.

Please apply for our open positions by Email or ZipRecruiter!

It's understandably difficult to assess if a role is right for you based on the job posting alone. Why not hear directly from one of our full time employees, Ruby? She was a graduate accounting student that transitioned to a full time role at BTerrell Group. A video interview with her is below.

After you watch the initial conversation from one of our associates, Ruby, why not continue to learn from her in the video below?

How does company culture impact professional careers? In this video, Ruby explains exactly how company culture and the core value of continuing professional education work together to advance a career from intern to consultant at BTerrell Group.

The only success that success achieved in the service of a neighbor, a friend, a family member, a colleague, and a client. At BTerrell Group, we give all the runway you need to succeed in your career! Listen as Professor Mary Beth Goodrich, an Accounting Senior Lecturer and CPA, describes the impact Ruby's service work made on her students at Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas.

It's more than just a slogan...hear from Shawn Slavin, President of the Information Technology Alliance, how his organization makes real their motto "knowledge creates value when shared."

How do Information Technology Alliance member firms be at the forefront of technological change? Hear from Shawn Slavin, ITA President, describes how his organization drives value to member firms and their clients by ensuring they stay ahead of the accounting technology curve.