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Webtelligence Integrated Ecommerce

Paytelligence enables users of Sage 300 ERP to process credit card transactions against both Order Entry and Accounts Receivable document types, securely and in real-time from within Sage 300 ERP. Credit card transactions are tied to Sage 300 ERP documents, resulting in significant reduction in the time required to accept and process a payment from a customer. Paytelligence will create AR batch entries automatically, with the option of separate batches being created by card type to simplify bank reconciliation.

Webtelligence is a full featured Web store that enables two-way integration between Sage 300 ERP Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and the World Wide Web. The integration to Sage 300 ERP enables mBase Webtelligence to use and display Sage 300 ERP content on the Web site, such as items, prices, taxes, and quantity available without needing to re-key data.