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The Future of Sage ERP Accpac

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Sage is planning some great enhancements for the future of Sage ERP Accpac!

  • Browser Independence: Due to time constraints the first version will fully support only IE 7 and 8. Future versions will support Firefox, Safari, and Chrome as well. This would include desktop and mobile versions of these Browsers. 
  • 64-Bit – All the new technologies are fully 64-bit compliant. You can run the 64-bit versions of the browsers.
  • SaaS – Although it is shipping as an on-premise install to start, the software is architected for SaaS deployment at a later version.
  • Advanced end to end integrations enabled through SData. As other Sage applications like SageCRM move to the same platform, this will allow for much better integration.
  • Performance/Scalability – With the adoption of SData Restful Web Services Sagecan use advanced Web performance tools to test and expand the scalability/performance of Sage Accpac from where it is today.
  • Server Independence – All the technologies involved in the Sage Accpac 6 platform are server operating system independent.
  • Full Unicode Support – All the new technologies fully support Unicode, so this sets the stage for creating a full Unicode version of Sage Accpac.
  • Mobile – All the new screens are pure HTML/JavaScript and can run on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. (Plus tablet devices like the iPad!)
  • HTML5 – For the first new version, HTML4 features are being used, but since it isbuilt on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Google is aggressively pursuing HTML5 Sage will automatically be getting HTML5 features as they become available in the various Browsers.
  • Connected Cloud – As a Web Based application, built from the ground up on RESTful Web Services, it is ideally situated to integrate with other Web Based applications based on Web Services whether these are locally installed or cloud based. This can include common ERP services like sales tax calculation or government reporting, but also integration to other services like Social Networks or Web Based Office applications (like Google Docs). The technology platform is ideal for both consuming and producing such services.

Check out more updates as they are available from Stephen Smith, or contact us to discuss whether an upgrade to a future version might be just what you are looking for.

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