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Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 Will Reduce Upgrade Costs?

Posted by Meredith Gooch on Mon, Oct 25, 2010

Stephen Smith points out in his blog ( that the upcoming web-based version of Sage ERP Accpac could allow for faster upgrades, thus reducing upgrade costs.

He points out that for many companies, choosing to upgrade is a matter of balancing the costs of the upgrade versus the benefits of running the new software. In the past few releases, the costs of an upgrade were taken up by things like the time to convert the database to the new version, the time to verify and update customized reports, the time to verify and update macros and other customizations, and the time of training for any new or affected existing features. With version 6, the database conversion is much smaller than the past few releases, and the changes to the database are very minimal. This means that database activation should be relatively quick and painless, and that very few changes are required to existing customized reports and macros.

If you have any questions about the upcoming release about Sage ERP Accpac version 6.0, please give us a call at 214-647-2611 or contact us at We will continue to provide you with information as it becomes available, and we'll work with you to decide if upgrading to version 6.0 is the right move for your company.

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