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3 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Improve Their Timesheets System Using Automation

Posted by Brian Terrell on Fri, Jul 17, 2015

If you work at a staffing agency, you’re likely very familiar with using timesheets to keep track of contract workers’ hours. Typically, employee time-tracking comes in the form of Word or Excel templates - or even more old school: good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. If you’re currently using a manual system, you know all too well how dependent an agency is on employees reporting their own hours and/or having a supervisor verify these hours before they’re sent to the agency for payroll. This process leaves plenty of room for human error, potentially costing the firm a significant amount of time and money.Timesheet_Automation

Employees may take advantage of this poor timekeeping solution by writing extra time on their sheets, they may forget to track their hours and then have to guess several days or weeks later, or they may make calculation errors. Regardless of how the errors are made, this could mean potentially spell a loss in revenue for your company. However, a modern staffing agency using up-to-date and efficient timekeeping and integrated accounting solutions can ensure that new employees are paid accurately and on time. Using an automated system has several advantages for everyone involved, and the streamlined results will become obvious shortly after your implementation.  If you’re currently working with manual-entry timesheets, here are some of the benefits of using a cloud-based timesheet management solution:

Eliminate Paperwork & Reduce Error

Anyone who’s ever recorded their working time using a paper template knows firsthand how lousy this system can be!  Paper sheets are often turned in crumpled, ripped, coffee-stained, faded and more, which can be annoying for the accounting team to receive.  And everyone knows at least one person whose penmanship is the equivalent of chicken scratch!  Using an easy-to-understand software system will eliminate the risk of entering inaccurate information and will also save your company the headache of having to store hard copies of employee timesheets in filing cabinets and storage facilities.  Think about all the trees you’ll be saving!  Plus, an automated timesheets program can flag anything that potentially might be outside the parameters of your corporate policy, removing the chance of incomplete or inaccurate data being submitted.

Stop Duplicating Efforts & Increase Productivity

When you start automating your timesheet system, you’ll look back and say “Wow! Remember when employees used to fill out a timesheet and then payroll would manually enter the data into our accounting program? That took up so much time!”  An integrated timesheets software program reduces the need for you to do double duty by automatically populating the fields put in place by your corporate policy. 

Employees can also conveniently use a mobile app to submit their time wirelessly, without having to use up large portions of company time to record several days or weeks worth of hours worked.  Likewise, payroll and accounting administrators won’t have to re-key in data that’s been recorded by the employee, and can use the mobile application to review and approve timesheets while on the go.  Best of all - no one will have to be reminded of when to submit or approve timesheets for payroll, since the timesheets software program will automatically “nag” the user with a reminder email notification. No more missing timesheets!  The system will store the data securely, giving you peace of mind when creating reports or complying with audits.

Get Accurate Data by Integrating Directly with your Accounting System

Today’s modern administrators would find it difficult to stay on top of their agency’s payroll without the use of accounting solutions. Nexonia’s cloud-based Timesheets system deeply and seamlessly integrates with Intacct, creating an operational nexus for project coordination, accounting and time management. Timesheet data will flow smoothly into auto-matched task and billing categories in your accounting system. Using this integrated timesheets system will help you enhance efficiency, avoid information transposition errors and control payroll.  You’ll be the office hero!


Be sure to contact a BTerrell Group, LLP representative for more information about streamlining your timesheets process using Nexonia and Intacct.

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 Jill Angelstad works in marketing at Nexonia: a proud partner of the BTerrell Group, LLP and a provider of leading web and mobile time and financial solutions, including Nexonia Expenses, Nexonia Timesheets, Nexonia Time Off, Nexonia Time Allocation, Nexonia Purchase Orders, Nexonia Accounts Payable. Nexonia’s simple-to-use and highly customizable applications are fully integrated with ERPs, credit cards and other systems supporting a variety of businesses. Nexonia solutions are designed to streamline the reporting and approval process, improve human resource management and enhance operational efficiency.