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Creating a Weekly Forecast in Adaptive Planning

Posted by Jeremy Griffith on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

Adaptive Planning is a great tool to use to forecast your data on a monthly and yearly basis. But, what happens if your company needs to forecast their data on a weekly basis? How would you accomplish this in Adaptive since Adaptive’s time dimension has only months and years available? (As a side note, Adaptive does have adding days to the time dimension on their roadmap.)AdaptiveInsights

To accomplish this you would need to add a new dimension called Weeks. The dimension values would be 1 – 5.

Now, create a cube sheet by creating an account or accounts that you want to forecast at the weekly basis and add the newly created Weeks dimension to the cube as well. Once you create the cube sheet, you can go to the cube sheet and set up the layout of the sheet to have Weeks and Accounts in the vertical axis with Time on the horizontal axis. This allows you to forecast easily at the level detail you might need.


If you are wanting to roll up the weekly forecasting numbers to a monthly number, and show this on your monthly P&L forecast, you accomplish this by creating formulas on an account on your P&L that pull data from the cube sheet.

You could even become more granule in your forecast if you wanted to do it by day also. This requires the same steps as for weeks, but you create a day dimension with values of 1-31.  

If you need any help with setting this up or anything else in Adaptive, please contact me at BTerrell.

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