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BTerrell saves client 40 hours each month by tailoring cost allocation in Intacct

Posted by Jennifer Chandler on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

At BTerrell, we increase the enterprise value of Intacct client companies by automating key business processes. In a recent opportunity, we reduced the amount of time to calculate a complicated cost allocation process by 40 hours per month. Even at nominal loaded labor rates of $24 per hour, this amounts to a savings of nearly $12,000 per year!


How did we do it? Our application includes five components, which allow the end user to configure the component, calculate the allocation, and view historical results. Specifically, those five components include:

Driver - bases the allocation driver on account balance or percentage

Allocation steps - creates user defined steps and processing order

Allocation profile - defines which accounts to include in each step of the process as well as the G/L segments and accounts to use in the journal entry

Calculate allocation - calculates the allocation and creates the journal entry

View history calculation - provides insight into drivers, calculations, and allocation results for historical transactions


Thank you to Arxis Technology for allowing us to partner with them in the development and delivery of this valuable Intacct automation. Don't hesitate to ask us how we can help you increase your company's enterprise value! 

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