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Disney World teaches us a valuable lesson!

Posted by Brian Terrell on Mon, Jun 06, 2022

Did you know Disney+ subscribers can save up to 25% on rooms at select Disney Resort hotels for stays most nights July 8 through September 30, 2022?
That's Disney adding value to the Disney streaming bundle and the model we follow here at BTerrell.
Last year, I made all BTerrell Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner Products FREE for every BTerrell SmartSuite Member in this 2 minute 49 second video:
I just left the office of a Quickbooks upgrade prospect considering BTerrell SmartSuite, which includes the Sage Intacct Financial Management Application. This prospect needs a BTerrell Marketplace Partner Product, and today I made them happy by lowering the already low monthly price I quoted just last month because we've made the decision to provide all BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products to SmartSuite Members at no additional charge! So, now this prospect gets the additional functionality that started our conversation in the first place at no additional charge!
I'm Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group. We've been automating back offices with Sage Intacct out of a North Texas office longer than anyone.
I've enjoyed introducing BTerrell SmartSuite, a continuous business relationship providing favorable outcomes by giving unlimited access to the imagination of our consultants to deliver additional upside potential around the Sage Intacct Financial Management Application. BTerrell SmartSuite is a portfolio of services and deliverables including unlimited configuration training support and report design and development along with Sage Intacct Financial Management Application, and now it includes the entire BTerrell Marketplace Partner Product list including BTerrell SmartEFT, BTerrell SmartFX, and BTerrell Smart Billable Expenses. Members now get these BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products at no additional charge. That's no charge for software configuration, support, training, report design and development, or anything necessary to maximize the value of these BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products.
We hope our Quickbooks upgrade prospect signs up for the outcomes available to BTerrell SmartSuite members like a better place to work, or stronger internal control, or error-free books and records, which I've described in videos you can see at Or complete our Contact Us form, and we'll discuss the outcomes you're looking for as you upgrade from Quickbooks or that legacy on-premises system.
Until then insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite!
To learn more about Sage Intacct, BTerrell SmartSuite, and BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products, schedule an introductory call today using this safe link:


Now is the time to insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite!

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