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Don’t Let System Limitations Delay Automated Billing

Posted by Brian Terrell on Fri, Jun 03, 2016

Customers are a lot more engaged these days and they will share what works best for them, especially in the way of billing. Some would like an email notification and some would prefer a paper copy. Whatever the preference, make sure you can meet those expectations with automated billing.

Satisfy customer billing preferences by deploying Intacct Revenue Management, billing_system.jpga best-in-class management solution. You can customize customer invoices and statements, reduce churn by automatically sending renewal orders when subscriptions near renewal dates. You can also update billing for discounts, usage, upgrades, changes and cancellations with greater efficiency and accuracy. You can also offer pricing strategies that make your customers happy, as well as bill them on their terms, for example, by key milestones. Improving this important touch point can impress customers, generating long-term loyalty.

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By BTerrell Group, Texas Intacct ERP Partner