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Turn the Dreaded Statement of Work Into Something Useful

Posted by Brian Terrell on Mon, Nov 23, 2015

Businesses that outsource certain tasks or operations are familiar with the dreaded statement of work (SOW).  As noted in “Tales of Horror:  SOW Edition – Sherpas in Blue Shirts,” posted by Rushi Raja on, these documents are necessary for outlining, often in painful detail, the scope of work of a project that includes such details as who is to do what, at what cost, and how to handle out-of-scope situations.  Many SOW writers lose innocent readers in confusing jargon, acronyms, and clever writing best left to playwrights.  There is really no reason to make an SOW difficult to understand and the confusion can actually come back to hurt you in the end anyway – lawyers are adept at finding flaws and inconsistencies.  Keep your next SOW simple, easy to read, and easy to understand.  If changes are requested during the draft phase, show your work by using the markup tools that highlight exactly what you changed.  Finally, when the lawyers get involved, as they often do, remember they charge by the hour.  A confusing, complicated document will take more time, and lawyer fees, to review and edit.  Save time and money when creating your next SOW by keeping it simple.  Contact BTerrell Group for guidance with simplifying SOWs and the other moving parts of your business.   

By Brian Terrell of BTerrell Group, LLP, Intacct and Sage ERP & CRM provider based in Dallas.