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Weaving Gratitude Into Your Work With Words And By Example

Posted by Brian Terrell on Tue, Sep 15, 2015

Living by example can add even more meaning to your words and your work.  As eloquently described in “It’s Not Just About What You Say, It’s About How You Live,” posted by James Clear on, showing gratitude can add emphasis to your words of gratitude.  As a business owner or entrepreneur, you can tell your customers that they are valued, as well as show your customers how much they are valued in the way that you run your business and deliver your products or services.  Customer service or managers can explain what makes them good at what they do, as well as show peers or customers that they are knowledgeable by doing their job as well, or better, than they say. 

Words can have more meaning when they are backed with the right actions.  Contact BTerrell Group to learn how our team of experts support our customers by offering real-world experience within different industries, with many modern technologies, and how these technologies are used successfully by businesses like yours.  We don’t sell products, we offer business solutions that help our customers grow.

By Brian Terrell of BTerrell Group, LLP, Intacct and Sage ERP & CRM provider based in Dallas.