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You PPP loan is forgiven!

Posted by Brian Terrell on Fri, Jul 15, 2022

Did Quickbooks instantly update you on your eligibility for Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness? This 3 minute and 27 second video explains exactly how Sage Intacct did this for BTerrell SmartSuite Members:
Between April 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, the U.S. government's Paycheck Protection Program created 12 million borrowers instantly interested in the three or four key performance indicators on which complete loan forgiveness depends. For Sage Intacct customers, and especially for members of BTerrell SmartSuite, managing these and other challenging reporting requirements is never a big deal. And, the Paycheck Protection loan program provides a perfect case study proving this out.
I'm Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group. We've been automating back offices using Sage Intacct out of a North Texas office longer than anyone.
Sage Intacct gives Quickbooks upgraders a financial management architecture on which they can track and report anything, allowing decision makers to respond in real time to changing business and economic conditions. BTerrell SmartSuite members have even greater access to these benefits. To find out why, check out the video at the location displayed on the screen.
Sage Intacct tracks important data on dashboards through performance scorecards, financial reports, graphs, and data visualization tools. BTerrell SmartSuite members get the unlimited design and development expertise of our talented report writers to create dashboards as quickly as business needs change at no additional charge.
For our members participating in the Paycheck Protection Program, we created real time dashboards tracking total qualified expenses for the Covered Period to date, the current unforgiven loan balance, the relationship between covered payroll costs and that loan balance, and the current number of full time equivalent employees versus that same number on the loan application date. Those familiar with the program will recognize that these are the major metrics required to manage loan forgiveness.
Sage Intacct dashboards derive data directly from the General Ledger, update eith every transaction, forecast the future when combined with budget data sets, and instantly deliver information to stakeholders using their favorite browser. BTerrell SmartSuite members get these benefits faster and cheaper as we prioritize the needs of our members building any report they request at no additional charge.
If you're a decision maker evaluating replacements for Quickbooks or that legacy on-premises application and you need to manage ever changing business reporting requirements as easily and as affordably as we helped our members manage their Paycheck Protection Program Loans, call me. And, I'll tell you not only how but for how much I can help you achieve your goals.
But whatever you do, insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite.
To learn more about Sage Intacct, BTerrell SmartSuite, and BTerrell Marketplace Partner Products, schedule an introductory call today using this safe link:
Now is the time to insist on membership in BTerrell SmartSuite!

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