Lunch & Learn Webinar:  Managing the Assets of the Future with KloudGin

Hosted by KloudGin Intelligent Cloud

Proactively Manage your Assets before Operational Disruption occurs

KloudGin is changing the way service is provided to customers - helping customers move away from preventive maintenance scheduled monthly or quarterly to service at the time needed, but before a hard down occurs.  With KloudGin, managing assets by serial number, description and bar code is just the start.  The assets of the future have embedded sensors that monitor the status of that asset, allowing the asset to book it's own service call.  Today, if the asset or equipment is not operating efficiently or is about to go down, the sensors alert KloudGin so that a work order can be automatically generated and a technician automatically dispatched before operational disruption occurs - all without human intervention.  Sensors can monitor temperature, pressure, RPM's, cycles, volume and much more - allowing your customers to ensure productivity is not interrupted.

Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm | 1 hour | Central Time (US & Canada)

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KloudGin Managing Assets Lunch 'n Learn