What does Robotic Process Automation mean for Sage Intacct Customers?

In this interview, Johnny Ramondino, President of IN-RGY Consulting, and Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group, discuss why Robotic Process Automation is a great solution to use when completing time consuming, boring tasks as long as the workforce is properly prepared.

This is the tenth in a series of articles and videos where we get Johnny’s take on deploying RPA alongside mid-market Cloud ERP.

Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group and a Sage Intacct Partner, creates business process automation using Cloud ERP and leading automation tools, including RPA software. RPA automates many business processes faster than other options by accessing applications through the user interface in a code-free and non-invasive manner.




Brian Terrell:               

Johnny, including the word "robot" in a software technology is a bit disconcerting and possibly provocative to our Sage Intacct end users and customers. What are your thoughts about this?

Johnny Ramondino:                  

The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been debated quite a bit in the industry. I think to your point it’s been a great attention grabber and a good way to differentiate the solutions from any other technology that's on the market. It has been contested, in a sense, that we're not talking about physical robots and we really should be labeling it differently because it is very controversial. Looking at the way the term has been evolving, but also at what it has done for the market, I do think RPA is a positive influence, because I think the objective of Robotic Process Automation is intended to make you think differently about solving the problem on hand.  

The challenge that comes with this, more on the human factor side, is that it requires organizations, as they implement and deploy this, to do a good job of educating the work force and management on what it really means and how they should look at Robotic Process Automation. As you can imagine, people think that, "Robots are here to take my job, so therefore something has to be done,” but when you go through the process of educating and helping employees understand what is being accomplished and the method to accomplish it, people not only welcome it, they contribute to it. These individuals start to see that the work the robot is doing is actually the work they want to be rid of. This is the type of work causing them to not be able to serve their client, their management, nor their teams well.

While it is provocative, it's created a positive momentum, both in the industry as well as the requirement for organizations to do more around awareness and education. I do think that's a good thing, even though sometimes it can be challenging when introduced into an organization.

BTerrell Group solves business automation challenges for mid-market companies with Intacct and an automation toolkit, which includes Robotic Process Automation software, Intacct Platform Services, and other leading automation technologies. With Intacct and RPA, client companies achieve more automation using fewer resources, resulting in a rapid return on investment. Contact Brian at brian.terrell@bterrell.com to start the conversation.


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