Robotic Process Automation vs Scripting Tools. Which is better?

In this interview, Johnny RamondinoPresident of IN-RGY Consulting, and Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group, discuss why Robotic Process Automation is a viable alternative to using scripting tools when it comes to automation of important business applications or workflows.

This is the ninth in a series of articles and videos where we get Johnny’s take on deploying RPA alongside mid-market Cloud ERP.

Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group and an Intacct Premier Partner, creates business process automation using Cloud ERP and leading automation tools, including RPA software. RPA automates many business processes faster than other options by accessing applications through the user interface in a code-free and non-invasive manner.



Brian Terrell:               

Johnny, we've talked about the difference between RPA and scripting tools or testing tools. We really shouldn't be talking about these technologies with our Sage Intacct customers in the same breath. Can you comment on that?

Johnny Ramondino:                  

Scripting tools are often used with Excel for Visual Basic for Office applications, or on your DOS or Unix type projects, for operating and file management applications. With these you need different types of tools and scripting languages, which also means different skill sets and people and so on to operate with these different things to automate on these different applications.

With Robotics Process Automation, you can use any type of system and any type of application. Whether it is Windows-based, web-based, server-based, Java-based, Citrix-based, or Enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle and so on. RPA operates on any of these systems.

With RPA we’re not talking coding anymore. RPA is very robust in terms of the work-flow capabilities and following business rules which you can embed. With scripting tools you don’t have this ability. RPA provides the ability to operate or orchestrate virtually any application. This does not exist in the scripting world.   

BTerrell Group solves business automation challenges for mid-market companies with Intacct and an automation toolkit, which includes Robotic Process Automation software, Intacct Platform Services, and other leading automation technologies. With Intacct and RPA, client companies achieve more automation using fewer resources, resulting in a rapid return on investment. Contact Brian at to start the conversation.


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