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Comparing and Contrasting Cloud and On-Premises ERP Solutions

Posted by Brian Terrell on Wed, Feb 05, 2014

BTerrell celebrated our 1 year anniversary as an Intacct value added reseller last month when the calendar rolled over from 2013 to 2014.  In 23 years, the only ERP software we have supported is Sage 300 ERP, so adding Intacct in 2013 required substantial investment, retraining and effort on our part.  I could not be more pleased with our staff who attended all of the implementation and Intacct Platform Services training classes, with our prospects who worked with us in the software selection process and ultimately chose Intacct, and with the Intacct channel managers, technical support staff and management that helped us successfully add the product to our portfolio.  A special thanks goes to Keith Karnes, who brought with him 3 years of very heavy duty implementation experience when he joined BTerrell Group in January 2013.  Without everyone pulling together under Keith's leadership, we could not have enjoyed the level of success we have.

Early on, Keith and I spent some time together contrasting cloud and on-premises ERP offerings. Ultimately, we documented the strengths and weaknesses of each model.  Cloud vs OnPremises resized 600

In this month's BTerrell Group webinar, which is scheduled for February 12th, Keith and I will engage in a discussion reviewing the differences between on-premises ERP applications and cloud ERP application, and you are invited to listen in and join in.  If you have ever wanted to hear two experienced consultants discuss the relative features of cloud ERP and on-premises ERP, this will be an excellent opportunity.  We have thought a lot about this topic, and we look forward to a lively discussion on the merits of the cloud versus the merits of on-premises applications.  

These are just a few of the areas we should cover:

  • What differs in the technology and architecture used to develop cloud and on-premises ERP?
  • How does each model facilitate customization?
  • Does one system integrate more easily with other applications or data sources than the other?
  • How do the respective software publishers revenue models differ and what does this mean to the client?

We'll discuss these items and many more, and this should be an excellent opportunity to gain a head start on understanding and contrasting the most important emerging trend in ERP architecture today with the time-tested ERP model on which many businesses currently rely.

An added bonus is that Rob Johnson, from Avalara, has graciously agreed to moderate the discussion for us.

Please make plans now to join Keith, Rob and me as we share share why we are bullish on the future for financial automation through both the cloud and on-premises applications.

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Time: 1:30 pm CT

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