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Oops! When the Cloud Doesn't Deliver

Posted by Keith Karnes on Wed, Feb 12, 2014

Recently, BTerrell Group hosted a panel discussion webinar entitled, "Comparing/Contrasting Cloud and On-Premise ERP Solutions.” That webinar demonstrated a couple of things to me and Brian Terrell. 

  1. Cloud versus On-Premises ERP SolutionsThe topic holds considerable interest to lots of folks as demonstrated by the largest attendance for any BTerrell Group monthly webinar so far.
  2. We learned how technology can fail us when our panel discussion, at about the 30 minute mark, abruptly ended mid-sentence and without explanation. In Brian’s follow-up email to our attendees who were left hanging, he acknowledged that it was our fault (actually, it was due to an internet connection reset at the hotel where our organizer was staying) and not the fault of the webinar hosting company. However, we thought it was funny that a cloud presentation failed to deliver on content designed to compare and contrast cloud and legacy ERP technologies.

Why does the topic interest so many people? Our high attendance may relate to our promise to address questions that many want to see answered:

  • The differencse between “cloud”, “hybrid cloud” and “on-premises” applications
  • What exactly is software architecture "multi-tenancy” and why/when is this important
  • Besides architecture and delivery method, how do cloud and on-premises ERP applications differ?
  • What impact does cloud architecture have on the ability to customize an ERP application to a client’s specific environment?
  • How does the implementation process to differ between the two application types?
  • Is third-party development support available in equal measures for cloud and on-premise ERP applications?
  • Which platform provides greater flexibility in financing and licensing options for clients?
  • Is this the end of the road for on-premises ERP applications?

We were more than halfway through our discussion when the webinar accidentally and abruptly ended.

The good thing about our misfortune is that we quickly rescheduled the panel discussion, so now you have a second chance to join us! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Date: February 12
Time: 1:30 PM CT

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