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Getting the Most Out of Sage 300 ERP data with Spreadsheets

Posted by Tony Zhang on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

Spreadsheet AnalystOver the years, BTerrell Group has helped our clients improve their productivity using software systems and financial reporting. One of the products we really like is Spreadsheet Analyst (formerly known as Sage Accpac Insight), which is a terrific complement to Sage 300 ERP. Not only does this product help meet enterprise reporting requirements very well, but brings a lot of value to our customers. To help customers get the most value out of Spreadsheet Analyst, our own Chris Firra  has developed an in-depth training curriculum that has helped numerous customers along the way.

Spreadsheet Analyst handles the financial reporting in Excel nicely and is especially good for multiple companies with large amounts of data – the typical  in enterprise reporting – thanks to the data warehouse it provides. Feel free to call BTerrell Group to discuss how we might leverage Spreadsheet Analyst to help you improve your business processes, or to provide the following training to your employees.

Spreadsheet Analyst Training Agenda

Session 1 - Spreadsheet Analyst Report Authoring I.

  • Spreadsheet Analyst concepts and terminology
  • Spreadsheet Analyst report and template design
    • Creating new reports from templates and other new reports
    • Defining Row Groups and Columns
    • Controlling report behaviour using Sheet Order By and Column Order By functions
    • Report formatting functions
  • In session exercise
  • Independent exercise

Session 2 – Spreadsheet Analyst Report Authoring II.

  • Sorting and grouping techniques
  • Creating custom drill-down sheets
  • Using named ranges in report design
  • Using pivot tables in report design
  • Workbook navigation and controls
  • In session exercise
  • Independent exercise

Session 3 – Spreadsheet Analyst Report Authoring III.

  • Best practices for report and version control
  • Report distribution methods
    • Defining Control Sheets for distribution
    • Using Workbook Generator
    • Configurations for email distribution
    • Configurations for file publication and report archival
  • In session exercise
  • Independent exercise

Session 4 – Spreadsheet Analyst Data Warehouse.

  • Understanding the data warehouse architecture
  • Managing Schedulers
  • Managing and modifying Data Filters
  • Methods for adding new tables
    • Master data
      • Accounts
      • Roll-ups
    • Transactional data
    • Calendars
  • In session exercise
  • Independent exercise

Session 5 – Importing data and Advanced Authoring.

  • Using Write-Back workbooks to import data
  • Developing budgeting templates and generating budget write-back workbooks
    • Budgeting functions
    • Spread methods
  • Optimizing report performance
  • In session exercise
  • Independent exercise

Session 6 – Capstone Exercise.

  • Joint exercise

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