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A Fundraising Solution that Finance Directors and Development Directors will Love

Posted by Info Info on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Submitted by Orange Leap

Orange Leap gives you a powerful, cloud-based fundraising solution that helps Development Directors address the needs of donors at every stage of the donor life cycle. Intacct gives you an AICPA preferred, cloud-based financial accounting solution that allows Finance Directors to focus on strategic analysis versus number crunching.

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Together Orange Leap and Intacct provide critical information, delivered through Intacct’s powerful dashboards to give real time information on:

  • Grant Management
  • Revenue by Funding Source
  • Program Outcomes
  • Top 10 Donors
  • Building Campaign
  • Annual Appeal
  • Fundraising Efficiency Ratios
  • Operating Expense
  • Operating Revenue
  • Grant Revenue
  • Functional Expense
  • And more…


Each stakeholder, manager and executive can have a dashboard that reflects the relevant data they need to further the success of the organization and fulfillment of your mission. 

Development Directors work daily to facilitate donor loyalty and communicate with donors with the end goal of influencing gifts and donor participation in fulfilling a shared mission, whether that is access to education or healthcare, providing material and spiritual assistance, seeking a cure to disease, or preserving and protecting wildlife.

What may be a compelling message for a major donor may not fit the bill for a first time donor. Development Directors understand the importance of crafting a message based on the donor’s relationship with the organization. Orange Leap helps Development Directors capture the heart of the donor at every stage of the donor life cycle – from acquiring new donors, to conversion, to retention, as well as regaining lapsed donors and the ongoing cultivation of donors.


When donors respond to fundraising campaigns online, Orange Leap’s integration to Intacct ensures that the gift is entered and visible to both accounting and development. If it’s a first time gift, the donor record is saved to both systems. No more rekeying of data. There’s no exporting of data from one system to input into another: the integration handles it in both systems. This comes as a welcome relief to your staff, but also, it means that the information is available and presented via the Intacct dashboard. 

If your organization would benefit from these efficiencies, BTerrell Group and Orange Leap would be happy to show how Intacct and Orange Leap can help your nonprofit. For more information, please contact BTerrell Group.


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